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Air Force Prepping Nuclear Bombers for 24-Hour Ready Alert

8 months ago 0

In a move reminiscent of the Cold War era, the U.S. Air force has been preparing to place nuclear-armed bombers on a 24-hour ready alert

North Korea May Have Actually Nuked Itself Out Of A Nuclear Test Site

8 months ago 0

North Korea may be losing its war with the earth. After a powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3 that North Korea said was a hydrogen

This One-Armed, One-Legged North Korean Did the Unimaginable for a Taste of Freedom

9 months ago 0

A man who escaped North Korea and Kim Jong Un’s brutal dictatorship was so determined to be free that he made a 6,000-mile trek on

Fox News Contributor John Bolton Calls Trump’s U.N. Speech “Best of His Presidency”

9 months ago 0

Fox News contributor John Bolton called Donald Trump’s speech before the United Nations Tuesday the best of his young presidency. Bolton, who served as U.S.

After North Korea Launched A Ballistic Missile, South Korea Conducted A “Live Fire Drill”

9 months ago 0

On Friday, North Korea launched a ballistic missile that can reach Guam, a U.S. territory. The ballistic missile was launched over Japanese island of Hokkaidoa,

Former Navy SEAL Has A Perfect Idea How To End Kim Regime Without Weapons

9 months ago 0

While the tensions are still thick on the Korean peninsula, U.N. just issued more economic sanctions on North Korea as the world is trying to

U.S. Navy Wants To Have Power Over North Korea At Sea For A Strategic Reason

9 months ago 0

Trump administrations started circulating a draft resolution at the United States Security Council, and if it’s approved, the U.S. Navy and Air Force will have

Japanese Government Just Issued An Order To Evacuate Their Citizens From South Korea

9 months ago 0

Japanese government just issued an order indicating they believe something horrible may occur on the Korean Peninsula. The Japanese government is developing a plan to

BREAKING: Putin Sends Dire Message to N. Korea

9 months ago 0

North Korea is quickly losing China and Russia’s support, further isolating the communist regime as they struggle to develop nuclear weapons. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister

Secretary Of Defense James Mattis Warns North Korea Of ‘Massive Military Response’

10 months ago 0

North Korea just did another test on the most powerful nuclear bomb and produced an earthquake 10 times stronger than the last one. As it

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