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John McCain Is Not Happy With His Republican Colleague Over FBI Letter

9 months ago 0

Arizona Sen. John McCain is suggesting that his Republican colleague, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, is trying to distract from the investigation into Russian interference in

Dem. Rep: McCain Will Make ‘Good Choices’ On Obamacare Repeal Because He’s Dying

9 months ago 0

Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Matt Cartwright said Tuesday night that John McCain will make “good choices” on Obamacare repeal because he is “staring death in the

Point of No Return! McCain Abandons Republican Party and Is Caught Begging Senate to…

9 months ago 0

Is there an issue on which Sen. John McCain wouldn’t act like a liberal Democrat? It doesn’t seem like it, as once again he criticized

John McCain Attacks President Trump Again This Time In Italy

10 months ago 0

It seems like Sen. John McCain favorite thing to do is to attack President Trump. He has criticized Trump about health care and even voted

Weeks After McCain Sabotages Obamacare Repeal, He Gets More TERRIBLE News

10 months ago 0

For Arizona Senator John McCain, the last year has been a roller coaster ride. During the 2016 campaign, McCain was one of Donald Trump’s harshest

WATCH: Herman Cain & Judge Jeanine Team Up to Destroy John McCain

10 months ago 0

One of the most controversial stories in our current news cycle revolves around the repeal and replace of Obamacare. Herman Cain and Judge Jeanine recently

GOP Senator Suggests John McCain’s Brain Tumor Affected His Health Care Vote

10 months ago 0

Last month, Arizona Senator John McCain shot down the repeal bill, effectively betraying the entire Republican Party. On Tuesday, McCain was humiliated when Senator Ron

Obama And McCain Are Planing To Undermine Trump While He Is On Vacation

10 months ago 0

John McCain and Barak Obama created a secret plan to undercut President Trump while he is vacationing away from the WH. Obama met with Valerie

WATCH: Diamond and Silk Go Live On Fox With Shock Message For Congress

10 months ago 0

Legendary vlog personalities Diamond and Silk made waves on Fox News Friday. They appeared on multiple shows, starting with Fox and Friends. Their message is

John McCain Was Caught Making Plans To “Take Out” President Donald Trump

11 months ago 0

After his betrayal last week, John McCain was caught making plans to “take out” President Donald Trump, but Trump instantly did something about it that

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