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IDIOT! CNN Host Reza Aslan Calls Trump “Piece Of S*t” – 1 Thing Blows Up In His Face

12 months ago 0

CNN host Reza Aslan attacked President Trump today for correctly identifying the London Bridge attack as an act of terror. The host of CNN’s Believer TV series

After London Terrorist Attack, Katy Perry Makes IDIOTIC Statement That’ll Blow Your Mind!

12 months ago 0

Katy Perry encouraged the citizens of Manchester to “choose love” instead of hate, “even when it’s difficult,” during her appearance at the the #OneLoveManchester benefit concert on Sunday,

Don Lemon Gets CAREER ENDING NEWS After Slandering Trump With Fake News

12 months ago 0

Last month, the liberal group Media Matters tried to destroy Sean Hannity’s career by releasing a list of his advertisers and calling for them to

Kimberly Guilfoyle Told Trump Something At 8 In The Morning That Made His Day

12 months ago 0

President Donald Trump recently made the momentous decision to stand up to the globalist forces that have been leeching the United States dry and put

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