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United States Fires Off Interceptor Missiles

United States Fires Off Interceptor Missiles

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by July 13, 2017 REAL WORLD

Tensions along the Korean Peninsula have been escalating in recent months, though perhaps more so over the past week after North Korea successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

This ICBM is believed to have the range necessary to hit Alaska. On Tuesday, the United States conducted a sort of “mission” by testing the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

The latest test of the THAAD system was a success, showing once again that the United States does have the ability to defend against some of the missiles that North Korea could launch.

This test was planned months ago, but it took on new meaning in light of North Korea’s latest missile launch. Now more than ever it is important that we have a system to defend ourselves with.

CNN reported that the THAAD system is designed to shoot down medium-range missiles, meaning that it wouldn’t be a defense against the kind of ICBM North Korea tested on July 3, but it can stop more conventional weapons.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the government and contractor team who executed this flight test today,” U.S. Missile Defense Agency Director Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves stated, according to CNN. “This test further demonstrates the capabilities of the THAAD weapon system and its ability to intercept and destroy ballistic missile threats.”

The BBC noted that the THAAD system has been tested 14 times over the past decade, and it has succeeded in shooting down the target missiles in every single test.

Tuesday’s operation was the first test of the THAAD system against an intermediate range ballistic missile, and its success continues to prove how advanced and capable the THAAD system really is.

While the United States will probably never be able to defend itself against every missile out there, our ability to defend against much of North Korea’s arsenal gives us a solid advantage over North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and his totalitarian.

However, if North Korea continues to perfect its ICBM capabilities, we may lose that advantage.

t is important now more than ever that President Donald Trump take steps to deter North Korea from pursuing ICBMs before even more of the United States is threatened by this rogue nation.

Image and Content: Conservative Tribune


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