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NBC Just Sided With Kim Jong-un Over President Trump

NBC Just Sided With Kim Jong-un Over President Trump

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by August 10, 2017 POLITICS

We not only have a lying, fake news media; they are also vindictive and outright DANGEROUS.

President Trump stood up for the American people by telling the chubby North Korean dictator that if he threatens America, he will deal with “fire and fury,” the likes of which the world has never seen.

As many predicted, the LUNATIC dictator fired back at President Trump, upping the ante by claiming he’d attack Guam.

The man is CRAZY and unstable, does this come as a shock to anyone?

Well, apparently it’s a shock to CNBC, who prefers the feckless Obama approach.

So much so, they slammed President Trump and in doing so, took the side of North Korea’s cruel and evil dictator.

That’s how awful our media is.

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