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Michele Bachmann Offers Her Thoughts On Trump Being A ‘Man Of Faith’

Michele Bachmann Offers Her Thoughts On Trump Being A ‘Man Of Faith’

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by October 16, 2017 POLITICS

President Donald Trump is a “man of faith,” former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., said over the weekend as she quoted Vice President Mike Pence’s description of Trump.

Bachmann’s comments came during the annual Values Voter Summit, a conservative conference she addressed on Friday.

“We were in a meeting with the vice president and the president, about 25 of us. I know the vice president. I served with him in Congress, and he is a vocal, committed believer of Jesus Christ himself,” Bachmann said in an interview on SiriusXM Progress.

“And he said, ‘I want all of you to know that the president is a committed believer. He is a man of faith,’” she added, quoting Pence.

Bachmann said Trump is aware he is under God’s authority for the conduct of his life and presidency.

“We don’t want anyone, especially a president, to think they are a man under their own authority. They need to be under authority. Whether it’s the authority of the Constitution and the laws of the land but even more importantly under the authority of faith. And I think that helps to regulate our behavior, when we know that we’re accountable to something,” she said.

Trump also “understands who put him into the White House, and that is people of faith,” and “he’s asked God for help and for wisdom,” Bachmann said.

“He knows that he needs prayer,” she continued. “We’ve been in the Oval Office with him. We asked him if he wants prayer and he said, ‘Sure.’ We put our hands around him respectfully and we prayed for him.”

According to Bachmann, Trump’s White House has surpassed anything she thought possible.

Trump is “unashamed in standing up for increasing an awareness of God” in the United States,” she said in July, according to TheBlaze.

“He recognizes how important that is and that that is a basis of Western civilization,” she noted. “As a believer in Jesus Christ, I could not be more happy with what I am seeing coming out of the Trump White House. This is beyond my wildest expectations.”

“The president himself is man of prayer and a man who loves to receive prayer. He is a man who, I do believe, understands who the God of the Bible is and he wants to lift up the God of the Bible here in the United States,” she added.

Bachmann said Trump has transformed the White House from the days of former President Barack Obama.

“Prayer is not foreign in the White House, it’s not foreign in the Executive Office building,” she said. “Looking to God, looking through Bible studies, this is not foreign anymore.”

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