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Gen. John Kelly Says To Leakers “Put America First”

Gen. John Kelly Says To Leakers “Put America First”

Be First!
by August 8, 2017 POLITICS

Gen. John Kelly, Trump’s new chief of staff, just warned all White House aides to stop leaking, and gave them one instruction to “put America first.”

Kelly spoke to nearly 200 staffers in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. And that was how Kelly ended his first week as a chief of staff, as President Trump went to New Jersey.

He said that the staff to put our country first, President Donald Trump second and their own needs third

Kelly is working hard to bring back the order in the White House. He will restore the order back through making every visitor of the Oval Office first to go through him. He clearly is up for the job.

Dan Scavino even shared a photograph on Twitter of the speech Friday.

John Kelly accompanied President Trump at his Bedminster golf club this weekend, and is planning to stay whole next week as well.

Finally, President Trump has the right man for the job, which he can trust. Gen. John Kelly is strong, educated and loyal guy who will work hard to keep the order in the Trumps administration.

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