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CNN’s Anderson Cooper HUMILIATED on Live TV After Running Fake News on Trump

CNN’s Anderson Cooper HUMILIATED on Live TV After Running Fake News on Trump

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by July 16, 2017 POLITICS

Earlier this week, CNN host Anderson Cooper got in an on-air spat with White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka. Afterwards, Fox News host Sean Hannity humiliated Cooper when he said that Gorka “owned” him and called the train wreck of an interview “must watch TV.”

Mediaite reported that Hannity asked conservative commentator Joe Concha to weigh in on the interview. He proceeded to slam Cooper for the way he handled his talk with Gorka.

“Anderson Cooper at one point scolded Sebastian Gorka and said, ‘I’m just gonna ignore the insults because I really don’t think they get us anywhere,’” Concha began.

He then brought up the post-interview analysis where Cooper called Gorka “The Hungarian Don Rickles.”

“Anderson Cooper, the face of that network and their highest-paid person there who should act like a professional, called Gorka ‘The Hungarian Don Rickles,’” he stated. “So that is where things are getting personal. It’s no longer about anything else but hurling an insult where a guy can’t defend himself.”

“If you’re gonna insult somebody, don’t bring up Don Rickles,” Concha added. “He just died three months ago. He was beloved. Find another example besides a beloved entertainer like Don Rickles.”

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