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BOMBSHELL: Loretta Lynch Connected Directly To Russian Spy Scandal

BOMBSHELL: Loretta Lynch Connected Directly To Russian Spy Scandal

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by July 16, 2017 POLITICS

The media decided to take the story of Trump Jr. talking to a Russian lawyer and blow the story up to massive proportions. It turns out that Jr. was not the only one talking to the lawyer — where’s the outrage?

The lawyer’s Visa was denied, and could not get into our country. Suddenly, Loretta Lynch, who was the Attorney General at the time, granted Natalia SPECIAL IMMIGRATION parole so she could enter the country, per The Hill.

There’s more than meets the eye to this story. The left immediately goes into full-blown outrage mood, and this is “the smoking gun” to the Trump-Russia story (to them).

Veselnitskaya only spoke about the U.S. policy on adopting Russian children. The conversation lasted 20 minutes, and was a waste of time for everyone involved. Beyond that meeting is where things get interesting.

The foreign attorney was spending the rest of her time lobbying for campaigns for the left. Loretta Lynch giving her special rights to get into the country, even after being denied, is a big red flag.

Based on this evidence, and the fact that nothing came from the meeting, the whole thing was probably set up by the Democrats. They wanted to take advantage of the young and politically inexperienced Trump Jr.

Natalia couldn’t come up with anything else, so she resorted to talking about adoption issues.

After the meeting was over, and Trump left feeling unsatisfied, the left put their plan in motion. Now, they can say that Jr. met with a RUSSIAN SPY (it sounds so SCARY), and that President Trump must be impeached due to his son’s behavior.

The truth is, despite the meeting, Jr. did NOTHING wrong. If you want to look for the REAL criminals, take a peek at Loretta Lynch and Co. When you let people into your country ILLEGALLY, for the purposes of trying to set someone up — particularly the son of the POTUS, there are going to be significant problems.

We want to see Lynch’s correspondence with the Russian lawyer. We would bet the information there would be much more damning than ANYTHING found in Trump Jr.’s emails.

We’re all getting SO tired of listening to the left yammer about the Russians, when Dems are the ones who are working hand in hand with Russia to sabotage the Republicans in any way possible.

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