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Bill O’Reilly Making His Return Back to Television

Bill O’Reilly Making His Return Back to Television

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by August 12, 2017 POLITICS

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly announced Wednesday on the weekday podcast he hosts from his personal website that he plans to return to television next month for a brief appearance on CNN.

He specifically intends to appear on “Smerconish,” a CNN program hosted by Michael Smerconish, a good friend of his who used to serve as the primary fill-in host for his now-defunct radio program, “The Radio Factor.”

O’Reilly revealed as much while speaking Wednesday evening with Smerconish, though he also used the opportunity to take a quick swipe at his friend’s employer.

“Smerconish is a fair man — just because he works at CNN doesn’t mean anything,” he said, eliciting a quick chuckle from the CNN host. “And I’m going to do your program in September after the book comes out.”

“I respect your opinion,” he continued, “but when I watch your network, it’s hour after hour after hour of speculation, with 17 hate Trumpers and one Jeffrey Lord or somebody else who looks like he’s on some kind of tranquilizer defending him.”

“I mean it’s not a fair fight.”


Listen to the full back-and-forth discussion below:

Dovetailing back to O’Reilly’s appearance on CNN, the network itself confirmed it Thursday, writing, “(N)ext month, O’Reilly is set to make an unprecedented visit to one of Fox’s rivals when he sits down for an interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish.”

What remains unclear to some is why the legendary 67-year-old newscaster has chosen to mark his return to television by appearing on CNN, a network he’s beefed with plenty of times in the past, including as recently as April.

Some suspect it’s because of his friendship with Smerconish. Others believe he wants to stick it to former employee, Fox News, which ousted him from television after a 21-year run earlier this year because of unproven allegations of sexual harassment.

Either way, I’m sure his return to the small screen will no doubt trigger many liberal snowflakes. Just to be clear, though, he’s been doing just fine online, where he’s attracted a loyal band of subscribers to his weekday “No Spin News” podcast.

How do I know? I myself am a loyal subscriber.

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