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ANALYSIS: Hurricane Is Approaching Israel, Experts Say

ANALYSIS: Hurricane Is Approaching Israel, Experts Say

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by October 16, 2017 POLITICS

With all eyes on the escalating conflict between the Trump administration and Iran over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Obama administration-brokered nuclear deal with Iran, a huge storm is brewing on Israel’s horizon, according to Middle East experts.

Western Journalism has been reporting on this “approaching hurricane,” as Israeli military expert Alex Fishman calls the rapidly increasing Iranian non-nuclear threat to Israel, from the moment Iran started to carve out a land corridor which will connect Tehran to the Syrian Golan Heights on the other side of Israel’s northeastern border.

Fishman thinks that the atmosphere President Donald Trump created against Iran’s dealing with the JCPOA is only adding “fuel to the fire,” and that if there will be no change in the game currently played by Iran and the international community, there will be a major conflict between Israel and Iran.

The YNet News commentator revealed that Iran is planning to build an air base for the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps near Damascus, something that is against the spirit of the nuclear agreement.

He also reported that the Assad regime in Syria is conducting talks with Iran regarding an autonomic Iranian military pier in the Tartus port and the creation of an Iranian division on Syrian soil.

The Tartus port at the Mediterranean has been leased from Syria by the Russian military, and creating a separate pier for the Iranians would require President Vladimir Putin’s approval.

Since the government in Jerusalem no longer believes diplomatic pressure on the Islamic Republic will change Iran’s behavior, tougher measures are needed to ensure the IRGC will not cross Israel’s red lines in Syria and Lebanon.

For this reason, Israel is frantically trying to persuade the Russians and the U.S. to take measures that will thwart Iran’s plan to turn Syria into another client state from which Israel will be attacked in the near future.

Israel will make it clear to the Russians and the Trump administration that the current developments involving Iran in Syria are unacceptable to the Jewish state. The pattern in Israel’s recent military actions in Syria indicate the Israeli Defense Forces will act alone to stop Iran from taking over Syria and to embolden its proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The Israeli military has already carried out hundreds of actions in Syria and this week, IDF Chief of Staff Gaby Eisenkot revealed. those strikes were meant to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining precision-guided Iranian weapons and ammunition.

“We consider accurate munitions to be a very severe strategic threat to the State of Israel. We’ve been dealing with the aspiration to reach this capability for years now and have worked to prevent it, so far successfully. At present, there are no precision-guided munitions threatening Israel’s strategic locations,” the IDF chief of staff told YNet.

“The IDF is working around the clock to allow Israel’s citizens to live in security. Our forces operate overtly and covertly every night to complete their missions,” Eisenkot said, while adding that the public and media is only aware of a minuscule number of these operations.

Eisenkot’s admission of Israel’s direct involvement in Syria is confirmed by a video posted by Syrian opponents of the Assad regime, which indicated Israel is directly assisting moderate rebel groups who are fighting the Iranian-backed pro-Assad coalition.

The images show fighters from the Free Syrian Army’s Ahrar Nuwi Brigades using Israeli rockets against Khalid bin al-Walid Army, the local ISIS branch on the Syrian Golan Heights.

The IDF chief of staff also unequivocally made itclear Israel considers Hezbollah its most dangerous enemy.

“Hezbollah is the enemy we’re concerned about right now, more than any other enemy around us, but the strategic balance massively tips in the IDF’s favor,” Eisenkot claimed.

“Hezbollah is a semi-military organization, with many components and aspects of a military. It has gained experience over the last few years in the kind of fighting I don’t take lightly: It operated battalions and brigades, received offensive aid, made intelligence collection efforts,” the highest ranking Israeli military official added.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman also addressed the growing Iranian threat to Israel this week, and predicted a future war would immediately become a two-front campaign.

“When the next campaign begins, and it doesn’t matter where it begins, in the north or the south, it will immediately become a two-front campaign. There is no longer a single front, and that is our basic assumption. We are preparing the army for that,” Liberman said.

He also asserted the Lebanese army has become an integral part of Hezbollah in preparation for future conflict with Israel.

“Regarding the Lebanese front we are no longer talking about Hezbollah alone. We are talking about Hezbollah and the Lebanese army; regrettably that is the reality. The Lebanese army has become an integral part of the Hezbollah apparatus under its command,” Liberman said.

He later indicated that Israel would not wait for the world to act against Iran, and said the IDF would be able to neutralize the Iranian threat alone. In response to a question about President Donald Trump’s latest speech on Iran, Liberman said Israel will cope with Iran without the United States, while he blasted the behavior of the European Union which he said is burying its head in the sand just as they did before WWII.

For those who think Israel’s military establishment is exaggerating the growing Iranian threat, consider what Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said recently.

In an address to the Lebanese and Israeli public the Hezbollah boss warned “the Zionists were leading themselves into certain annihilation” and said “non-Zionist Jews” to leave “occupied Palestine” and return to the countries from which they came,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“Netanyahu, his government, and his military commanders are not assessing correctly where this war will lead if they ignite it. What will its scope be? Where will the battlefronts be? Who will participate in this war? Who will join it, Nasrallah said, referring to reports Iran is planning to use Shiite militias from Iraq and Syria in the future war against Israel.

“Netanyahu, his government, and his military commanders do not know how this war will end if they start it. Let me assure you that they do not have a correct image of what awaits them, if they stupidly enter that war,” he thundered.

Nasrallah then directly addressed the Israeli people in “occupied Palestine”:

“I call upon all the people who came to occupied Palestine – believing it to be the land of milk and honey – to leave it. I call upon them to leave Palestine and to go back to the countries from which they came, so that they do not become cannon fodder in any war into which they are led by the stupid government of Netanyahu, because if Netanyahu wages a war in this region, these (Jews) will not have enough time to leave Palestine, and they will find no safe place within occupied Palestine itself.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to respond to Nasrallah’s statement when he said Israel will cope with the existential threat posed by Iran and its proxies.

The Israeli leader made also clear Israel can only trust God for its survival.

“There is no Jewish existence without the Bible. In my view, there’s also no Jewish future without the Bible,” Netanyahu, whose name means “God-given” means, said during a Bible study session.

“That’s the first and highest foundation on which we stand. Now, it’s not as if nobody’s trying to smash this foundation. All kinds of people are trying to do so, but with God’s help, we can say we’re standing firm,” he added.

Image and Content: Western Journalism


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