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You can lose belly fat within 28 days with 4 minutes of plank

You can lose belly fat within 28 days with 4 minutes of plank

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by October 26, 2017 HEALTH

Who doesn’t want to sizzle with great abs and a stunning toned body? But how many of us are successful in maintaining flat and toned abs? Are you one of the millions of unlucky persons who struggle with bulging tummy? Do you want to get rid of your unwanted belly fat? What should you do to lose belly fat faster?

1 Why is belly fat so unhealthy?
Having belly fat is the indication of your excess weight. When you are overweight you are most likely to suffer from various deadly ailments. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you get rid of the extra weight and burn your belly fat.

What happens when you have excess weight in your abdominal region?

  • You look unattractive.
  • Your self-esteem gets affected.
  • You acquire the risk of heart attacks, kidney failures.
  • Suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • You might suffer from osteoporosis.


Basically when you are unable to reduce the unwanted tummy fat, your body becomes the host of several medical issues which are often deadly and fatal. Don’t just sit and relax! Get up and start burning calories to lose belly fat!

2 Is it so difficult to burn belly fat?
Burning belly fat might sound easy and simple but once you start working out you will realize the difficulty level and the challenges faced while burning the fat from your belly. Belly is one such area whose stubborn fat is extremely difficult to get rid of. People go on strict diet plans and undergo physical training and workouts but still fail to eliminate the excess fat from the region and attain the body of dreams.

3 What should you do to burn belly fat?
Having a big, bulging tummy not only looks unattractive and unpleasing but also calls for medical attention as you have the high risk of suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. You should definitely have a planned diet meal and also enroll yourself in a gym or local club so that you can lose belly fat in an easier and faster manner. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

4 Exercise for 4 minutes daily and lose the belly fat in a month’s time
Are you struggling to get rid of the unnecessary fat from your tummy region? Have you tried out one amazing exercise that can actually help you to get flat and toned abs within a month? Moreover, the best part is that this work out session requires only 4 minutes from your daily schedule. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? What is this exercise all about?

Often due to our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles we ignore our health. We fail to follow strict diet plans and we aren’t regular in gyms and local health clubs. Thus, we fail to lose belly fat and continue with the unhealthy lifestyle. In spite of not having the adequate time you can spare at least 4 minutes every day. Can’t you do that for maintaining your own health?

5 How about trying out planks?
Have you tried out doing planks? There are scientific evidences that prove that if an individual can execute planks for 4 minutes on a daily basis, he/she can reduce the unwanted tummy fat within a month’s time. You need to start off by holding on the plank position with smaller time frame like 20 to 25 seconds and gradually increase it to 4 minutes or even more if you have the potential to do so.

6 What do you know about the plank exercise?
Plank is also known as abdominal bridge or hover. This is basically an isometric core strength workout routine with similar position like a push-up exercise. In this exercise you need to hold in the position for the maximum time possible. The entire weight of the body depends on your elbows, forearms and toes.

If you can carry out this workout session seriously with the right posture and maintaining the time frame, you will definitely notice a change in your body and fitness level as well. Within a month, you will experience tighter abs and toned legs and hips. But you have to make sure that you are following a healthy diet plan or else the program of losing the tummy fat won’t be a success.

So, guys try and be regular. Taking out 4 minutes is not a difficult task at all. Why don’t you give a try and find out the benefits you get from doing planks on a daily basis?

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