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When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong…

When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong…

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by October 27, 2017 HEALTH

these people invested a lot of money, hopes and expectations in the plastic surgery that had to change their life for the better, but, ironically it made them look quite unpleasant and endangered their health. Most of the surgeries ended up poorly done, making their body parts ridiculously huge, disproportionate and dangerous for their well being.

1 The woman with the biggest breasts in Europe
Beshine currently holds the title of “Biggest Breasts in Europe” and though she her breast size was a humble B cup, she decided to go all the way down the alphabet. She wants a Z-cup (does that even exist?), thanks to implants which she refills as regularly as she can. Beshine says that she doesn’t suffer from backache due to a strict program of back strengthening but does struggle to find clothes that fit and, not surprisingly, can no longer sleep on her stomach, though apparently lying on her back or side is still possible. What on earth?

2 This girl spent over 15 000 dollars on illegal butt and hips injection
Kim Kardashian’s but era apparently takes its toll because a lot of women want to have curves like hers. This girl spent approximately $15,000 on illegal butt and hip injections shed light on the secret world of black market cosmetic procedures in a new book. In a raw and honest account, Vanity Wonder, 30, a mother-of-two from America’s Midwest, has revealed how she became addicted to silicone shots to increase the size of her behind. “Shot Girls” details her own experiences of seeking out and having the injections, and how she became an assistant to a black market practitioner, who treated women from a 17-year-old brought in by her proud mother, to a senior in her seventies with bifocals and false teeth.

3 The man who grew 15 cm thanks to a painful surgery
Although most plastic surgeons believe that this was a myth, since it was impossible to help people grow, without breaking their leg bones, it turned out that this horrific plastic surgery was real. A man in New York has “grown” over 15 cm through painful limb-lengthening surgeries intended to artificially increase his height. While the reason behind Apotheosis (his pseudonym) having undergone the surgery might be cosmetic, there are in fact numerous patients suffering from dwarfism or deformities who have and are currently going through the process of surgically lengthening their limbs.

Another guy named Shkula, decided to take this type of surgery. At age eighteen, the young man from New Jersey discovered that he would ultimately only grow to be a mere 4’11.5″ tall. Due to his short height, Shukla opted to undergo the painful process of lengthening his limbs in order to increase his height. Nearly 5’2″ after surgery, Shukla is now significantly taller than before.

This rare procedure is performed by only a few doctors in the United States and costs roughly $85,000. Painful, time consuming, and expensive are just a few words to describe this incredible surgery which has assisted those like Shukla, Apotheosis, and many more, to achieve a height beyond that which they were otherwise destined to have.

4 The Russian woman who wanted to look like Jessica Rabbit
After 100 silicone injections this woman for sure won the contest of most realistic Jessica Rabbit lookalike. Kristina Rei, was convinced that her thin lips made her ugly so she decided to enlarged them in the style of her favorite cartoon character. She paid more than 4,000 Pounds for the injections before she reached the wanted look. Now the nail technician admits she has an addiction, but plans fill her lips even more. Each injection costs roughly £40 and is ‘extremely painful’ but Kristina, from St Petersburg, Russia, insists nothing will stop her.

5 The woman who had concrete injected in her face by fake doctor
This woman was a victim of the ‘fake doctor’ Oneal Ron Morris who injected a toxic mixture of cement and tyre sealant into her cheek bones. Rajee Narinesingh, from Miami, Florida, complained that her face was ruined by Morris, who was released from custody after she was accused of administering the potentially lethal shots to another victim.

Another victim of the fake doctor was Ms. Narinesingh, who, like Morris, was born a man, but lives as a woman, has been left with lumpy shapes in her cheeks, a misshapen chin and a swollen upper lip after the back room beauty treatment.


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