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Use this easy to do home remedy to remove ingrown hair

Use this easy to do home remedy to remove ingrown hair

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by October 23, 2017 HEALTH

Ingrown hairs are the most annoying and irritating things happening due to lack of proper skin care. These irritable little monsters can show up at any time especially when they are least expected and can tend to show more trouble than they really should.

The biggest thing is that one has to make lots of efforts to get rid of the unwanted ingrown hair and the process is painful. But we have for you a simple ingrown hair removal method that won’t have you reaching for the wax or the tweezers to pluck them out.

You just require a couple of household items that are easily available in your kitchen. Read further know about the painless way to remove an ingrown hair.

1 What are ingrown hairs?
Ingrown hairs are hairs that curl back and start to grow into the skin instead of growing in the opposite direction
Dead skin can sometimes block the hair follicles, causing the hair to grow inwards and sideways into the skin itself. Sometimes cutting the naturally curly hair too close to the skin can also cause the hair to grow into the skin rather than growing around the skin.

An ingrown hair causes pain and irritates the surrounding skin. It causes a raised red bump or group of bumps on the skin. The way to notice an ingrown hair is when you feel a bump on the skin or see pus coming out of the bump. For men, ingrown hairs can occur on the neck or chin after shaving.

In women, ingrown hairs can happen mostly on legs, armpits or pubic area.

2 How are they caused?
The problem of ingrown hairs is faced by people who have a growth of sex hormones. High level of sex hormones can cause excess hair growth, raising the possibility of ingrown hairs after shaving.

Also people who have naturally curly hair can have high chances of ingrown hairs, since curly hairs tend to bend and grow back into the skin.

Mostly the problem related to ingrown hair is treated by steroid medicine, antibiotics and retinoid medication. Or one has to use tweezers to remove hairs from inside of the skin.


3 The home remedy
But instead of spending so much money on medications and using tweezers and other things, we have a home remedy for you to treat and remove ingrown hairs.

This home remedy requires things that you can easily find in your kitchen, your refrigerator or cabinets. You need some milk and some bread.

Just heat up some milk until it gets lukewarm. Now dip the bread into the milk, so that it soaks all the milk. Now place the bread onto the affected area until, the bread becomes cold. Repeat the process, by dipping the bread in the milk and keep repeating the process for 10 minutes. This will open the pore up.

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