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Little boy lost his eyesight to a burn injury because of this toy that even you may be having at home

Little boy lost his eyesight to a burn injury because of this toy that even you may be having at home

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by October 27, 2017 HEALTH

Childhood is the stage of life that most of us cherish. The memories of childhood stay with us for an entire lifetime. The toys and games we play with also stay eternal in our minds. The modernization and the use of technology have modified the games and toys of the modern generation so that they look more real and interesting.

One such toy that most of us have enjoyed playing with in our childhood is the laser pointer. The latest facts reveal that the laser pointer should not be treated as a toy. It is hazardous and children need to be kept away from such dangerous toys and play things as they can even cause burn injury. A little boy lost his vision to this toy. Read the complete story here.

1 The Little Boy Who Lost His Vision
The Australian Broadcasting Company reported just about a week ago that a little boy from Tasmania aged 14 years lost 75% of his vision because of the laser beam light. He was playing with the Laser Toy and focusing it directly on his own eyes. While doing so, his eyes didn’t hurt or pain. Yet, the boy lost 75% of his vision because of the burn injury caused by the laser beam.


2 What the doctors Say about It?
The little boy was taken to Dr Ben Armitage. The doctor revealed that the major portion of the teenager’s eye was damaged due to burn injury caused by the Laser. Even though the child did not feel anything, the damage was already caused. The laser actually burned the pupil when exposed for a long stretch of time. The damage caused by the laser beam is irreparable and cannot be corrected even with the help of glasses.

3 Study by FDA’s Centre for Radiological Health
The Centre for Radiological Health of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a research. The results of the study are pretty interesting. It shows that laser pointers that have intensity above 5mW can damage the eyes and affect vision permanently.

On the contrary, lower power Laser Beam Pointers are not as hazardous. In fact, no cases of injury have ever been reported for beam strengths in the range 3.5 mW to 5 mW.

4 Effects of Laser Exposure on Vision
In most cases, laser beam is not instantly painful. Some people may not even notice the effect of the laser beam soon. However, once your eye has been affected, there are many symptoms that will tell you there are reasons to worry. Here we have listed down a few of the symptoms that can help you identify burn injury due to laser beam:

  • Individuals who have suffered laser burn in the eye may suffer from headache a while after the burn injury is caused.
  • It may also cause burning sensation in the eye and watering of eyes.
  • Floaters may be caused in the eye due to the dead cell tissues that float in your eye.
  • People whose retina is affected may have difficulty identifying blue or green colors.


5 Steps Parents Need To Take
The shocking revelation shows how even the regular toys can have harmful effects on the health of children and little ones. Proper care thus needs to be taken to make sure that the child remains safe and healthy. There are some measures parents can take to ensure their child’s well-being. Here we have listed down these steps:

  • Make sure you check each toy or game and make sure there are no harmful effects of the toy on the child’s health.
  • Keep a check on how much time people spend in front of mobile phones and laptops. These modern inventions can also have damaging effects on one’s eyes and hence proper care needs to be taken.


  • If you notice any warning signs or causes of worry, instantly rush to the doctor. There are many health problems that can be cured if tackled instantly.
  • These simple steps can ensure that your child won’t be the next one to be hurt by such an injury.

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