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How to lose your tummy quick?

How to lose your tummy quick?

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by October 18, 2017 HEALTH

Flat Belly, or belly with minimal fat is required to keep these diseases at bay – Heart Attacks, cholesterol, muscular pains, diabetes and high blood pressure. The fat accumulated in the belly, slowly spreads on to the other areas of the body, from heart to lungs and kidneys, and causes major problems to body. This acts as a slow killer. The end result is you will be put up in a state that you do not know that you are dying. So, it is advisable to shed off that extra fat from your belly and stay fit. The best strategy to lose weight is self-motivation, consuming a healthy diet and simple exercises.

1 How to motivate yourself?
Set achievable goals: Plan that you will follow a particular diet style and do workouts that would shed 1 or 2 pounds from your body. Devise a strategy and achieve it!

Appreciate yourself: If you have achieved your goals, gift/appreciate yourself with something that you have desired for long. This will encourage you to shed more pounds.

Share with others: If you feel that the diet plan worked out for you, share it with your friends, and explain them as to how you managed to lose those extra pounds. You can also have a weight loss blog, where you can share your ideas. Get Popular eh!

2 The Diet Strategy: What to consume and what not to?
What to devour?

Drink a lot of Soup – When you consume a lot of soup before your meal, you will end up eating less and soups will eliminate the fat and toxins from the body through sweat/urination.

Eat Dark Chocolates – If you feel like dumping your belly with snacks, choose dark chocolates, because it will make you contended and because of the bitter taste of the chocolate, you could eat only less.

Consume, steamed vegetables

– since they are easy for digestion, thereby consuming less energy from your body. Also, it adds only less carbs to the body.

Fiber rich foods 

– Consume foods that are rich in fibre, since they are very filling to the stomach and provide necessary energy to the body.

Grapefruit Juice – It helps in keeping the tummy full also, it helps in the reduction of the waistline.

Eggs & Nuts – They are very filling to the body, also tasty. SUPER YUMM!

3 What to avoid?
The 5 Whites – Consume less or avoid these 5 whites – Salt, Sugar, Milk with fat, White Rice, All-purpose flour. These 5 whites not only add excess weight to your body, but they very quickly add diseases to the body. Researchers say that to burn the calories of 100gms of sugar, you need to exercise for an hour. Too much of Salt intake, will add more fluids to your body, making you sluggish and gives you a puffy experience, this is because water is attracted to sodium (salt). Rice is filled with carbs, though it has got a few benefits, its main work is to add on fat to the belly. The all-purpose flour has nothing good in it, instead it makes digestion difficult.


– Meat and Fish are filled with proteins and the energy they provide does not get stirred up. This makes fat deposited in the stomach, and increases the size.

Chewing gums–Try to avoid chewing gums, because when you chew gums, you also swallow air. This air that you swallowed gets locked in the intestinal tract and causes puffing up of the belly.


Fried Food– Intake of fried foods make the digestion to happen very slow, making your belly swell up.

Spiced Foods – Foods flavored with pepper, cloves, chilli, hot sauses, garlic, nutmeg, vinegar etc., fire up the discharge of stomach acid, which causesannoyance to the stomach.

Carbonated Drinks – All those gas bubbles consumed by you, group together and get accumulated in the belly.


4 Exercises to reduce the tummy
Exercise should be for the whole body and not just for your belly. Here are a few simple workouts to reduce the tummy


Walk – Walk at least 30 minutes a day. Make sure that you sweat well. At the end of the walk, you will definitely feel fresh, since your body has burnt a few calories.

Cycle – Lie on your back on the floor and lift your hands and legs and pretend as if you are cycling, repeat this process for 15 minutes.

Swimming – It is one of the best exercises to lose fat. This could also help you in increasing


Sit Straight – The belly is connected to the spine, so stiffen your tummy while you breathe and straighten up.


Dance – If dance is your passion go ahead, but make sure that you move your whole body while you dance. Your body should go Sha La LaLaLa!


Take the staircase – When you have a staircase and lift, choose the staircase, as it will help in burning the calories.

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