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Here’s what it means to have a cavity between nose and upper lip

Here’s what it means to have a cavity between nose and upper lip

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by October 19, 2017 HEALTH

Many people are born with distinct kind of cavities. Many of these cavities can be cured through surgical interventions. Among these cavities is the one which is formed between nose and upper lip. Here is what it means to have a cavity in this region.

1 Cavity between Nose and Upper Lip
The cavity between nose and upper lip is known as Philtrum. This cavity is formed as it is the connecting point for three different formation points on human face. This formation phase usually happens during the third or fourth month of pregnancy.

2 Philtrum
In humans, the Philtrum is bordered by ridges and is also known as infranasal depression. It is formed at the place where maxillary processes and nasomedial process meets. They usually meet during embryonic development process. As these processes fail to fuse in any human being it results in formation of a cleft lip and often creates a cavity between nose and lip region.

3 Lip Lift as a Cure
This cavity might not be of concern to many of us but women who have a long space between their nose and upper lips often go in for some kind of surgical intervention to get cured from this anomaly. These women look older as the upper lip will cover the upper teeth and the lady might look unattractive.

The Lip lift surgery can be a probable solution in such cases. Owing to improved medical techniques, the incision done can be well camouflaged and little scars will be evident. Lip shortening procedure can also be tried in this case. In the lip shortening procedure, an incision is usually made in the lower border of the nose and upper lips.

The strip of excess skin is usually removed from the upper lips area in such cases. The scars then get hidden in the crease that develops below the nose.

4 Function of Philtrum
Philtrum plays a vital role otherwise, as in mammals it is known to carry moisture from the mouth area to rhinarium or the nose pad. It does so through the capillary action and helps keep the nose wet. It is a known fact that a wet nose pad is able to smell particles in a better way compared to dry one. This therefore betters the functioning of olfactory system.

In humans, as in most of the other primates, the Philtrum is a vestigial depression between nose and upper lip area.

5 Upper lip Shortening Techniques
Surgical interventions are available for shortening of upper lip region and clearing the cavity between nose and lip region. Some of the most common of these are given below:

Lip Lift Surgery

In this surgery, incision is made under the nose region. This might sound scary in some cases but people who have undergone the same say that they feel younger by up to 5 years, post this surgical intervention. Asymmetry and hypertrophic scarring might occur.

This surgery can be tried in cases when the upper lip is thin. In this a small strip of skin can be removed to shorten the Philtrum. Complications, such as asymmetry and hypertrophic scarring can also occur in this case.

Non Surgical Technique to cure Cavity between Nose and Upper lips


Lip lift can also be performed through ultrasonic technique. In this technique, ultrasound energy is used to tighten the skin in the area. The only downside of this non surgical intervention is that it takes around 3-6 months for results to show up. Skin shrinkage of minute extent might also occur in lip and mouth region. Frequent touch ups are also required to maintain the look in this case.

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