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Here is the reason why you have been drinking water wrong your entire life and its harming you

Here is the reason why you have been drinking water wrong your entire life and its harming you

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by October 26, 2017 HEALTH

Did you ever contemplate that even drinking water has its rules. Yes the way you drink water makes a difference as drinking it the wrong way can be bad for health. Many may drink water standing, or gulp it down in one go. Some even drink water straight from the bottle. Medical experts recommend that you drink water while sitting. How is it different? Here is how you have been drinking water wrong you entire life.

There are many benefits of drinking water in a sitting position as you will read from this article.

1 What happens when you drink water standing up?
Drinking water while standing up splashes it on to your stomach. It can flow down your gut with force and damage organs as well as the gastrointestinal tract. Long term drinking of water while standing may disrupt your digestive system.

Drinking water standing up also affects your kidneys because of ineffective filtration. This could lead to build up of impurities in the gall bladder, kidneys and blood causing kidney problems and urinary tract infections.


2 Drinking water standing up causes arthritis and other problems
The smooth flow of bodily fluids also get affected when drinking water standing up. This causes fluid accumulation in joints which may cause arthritis. The consumption of water in standing position disturbs the balance of body fluids and causes excess accumulation of fluids in the joints thereby causing arthritis. Drinking water when standing also activates the sympathetic system or the Autonomous nervous system of the body that fights emergency conditions of the body. Drinking while sitting relaxes the body and aids in the digestive process.

3 This is what happens when drinking water while sitting
Drinking water while sitting rids your body of GERD or gastroesophaegal reflux disease. It dilates and relaxes the sphincter which is the joint between the esophagus and stomach. Standing and drinking water has an opposite effects disturbing the sphincter and throwing back acids that may cause heartburn and indigestion.

4 Drinking water when sitting relaxes the nervous system
While sitting and drinking water the nervous system is also relaxed. This stimulates the senses and aids in digestion. According to Ayurveda, water should be drunk in small sips. This helps dilute the acid levels in the stomach as they mix with water. Moreover sitting and drinking water quenches thirst better than when you stand and drink it. This is how you’ve been drinking water wrong and perhaps now you’ll get it right.

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