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by October 18, 2017 HEALTH

Pimples and acne are problems that everyone on this Earth has to deal with at least once in their lifetime. Also this problem usually seems to pop out at the time when we are trying to look our best for an important occasion.

Not only it makes you looks bad, it makes itself an attention magnet. Everyone wants to know how big it is or how to remove it. You will get hundreds of remedies and millions of creams and ointments in order to remove them.

But avoid trying all of the remedies at once. Also try and avoid the want to puncture the pimple, because if you do it the wrong way, it could have serious repercussions. Here we have a brilliant way for pimple treatment and you can do it without hating yourself.

1 What are pimples?
A pimple is a small boil or papule. Pimples are small skin abrasions or small swelling on the skin, filled with sebaceous oil glands infected with bacteria and dead skin which swell up and end up filling with pus.

Pimples erupt on faces of people who are prone to acne which are sensitive to normal levels of testosterone, a natural hormone found in males and females. These testosterone levels can cause sebaceous glands to produce too much sebum, which in turn makes the dead skin cells block the pores to a high level.

2 What causes pimple?
The main cause of pimples are sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands are located at the base of hair follicles and sometimes become overactive.

Most of times, the areas affected are face, back, chest and shoulders. Pimples are physical signs of acne, especially in times of a skin breakout.

Dead skin cells get trapped together by the sticky sebum, and cause blockage in the pore. Pore blockage occurs mostly during the stage of puberty.

This accumulated sebum gathers bacteria and starts to swell. The bacteria also causes the pimples to get infected and also ooze out pus.

3 Is it correct to pop a pimple?
The biggest question is, should you pop that pimple or zit? Or should you allow it to disappear by itself?

The answer is that popping a pimple is a bad thing. The reason is that the swelled up pimple contains all the harmful bacteria and it keeps it safe from spreading to other parts of the body. When you pop it, all the gunk comes out of it. If the bacteria contained in the gunk spread to other healthy parts of the face or body, it can cause further outbreaks of pimples.

Also puncturing, poking the pimple can cause the bacteria to enter the skin and cause inflammation and further swelling and redness on the skin and even permanent scarring.

But if you must pop a zit, read about a safe and correct way to pop a pimple on the next page.

4 The right way to pop a zit
If you really need to pop that pimple, you will need a needle, some alcohol to disinfect the needle and lots and lots of cotton buds.

Step 1: Sanitize the pimple with an alcohol wipe. This will clean the skin and leave no germs on it to infect the skin after you break it using the needle. Wipe the entire area nicely with the alcohol wipe to make sure it is sanitized nicely.

Step 2: now disinfect the needle using any kind of alcohol or heat it thoroughly over fire. Place the needle parallel to the skin and puncture the pimple. Don’t go from the top since you don’t know how deep the pimple is and you can pierce the skin.

Step 3: if nothing comes out of the pimple, then you will have to try this all over again. Also no signs of bleeding are a good sign.

Step 4: but if something does ooze out, you need to get in and get dirty. Place your index fingers of both hands on each side of the pimple and try and push down with pressure. Don’t try and squeeze the pimple or you could break the skin.

Step 5: now use some cotton balls in order to remove all the innards of the pimple. Make sure you have removed every bit of the pimple’s innards.

Step 6: Apply spot treatment on the pimple to finalize the zit popping process. Now you can wash and rinse your face using just the water and nothing else.

There you go, never pop the pimple until it’s absolutely necessary. Just be sure before doing this and try and follow all the steps carefully for pimple treatment.

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