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Best workouts according to your body type

Best workouts according to your body type

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by October 26, 2017 HEALTH

Exercise and diet can certainly help us in many ways however if you aren’t exercising according to your body type then you might not be getting the results you want. Try some of these suggested exercises for your body type and start seeing your exercise program produce soaring results. Following an exercise regime that is tailored to your body type along with a good diet can not only produce the results you want but bring you positive health benefits as well. We all aren’t made the same as we all know however that shouldn’t be a detour to exercising. You just want to set up a routine that works best with what you have. Try some of these suggested exercises for your type and see those awesome results in no time at all.

1 Spoon or Pear Shaped Body
If you have a full bottom and slim abs arms then you are considered to be what is called the spoon or pear shaped body type. Other examples of this body type include wider hips and narrower shoulders and a smaller bust. The perfect exercises for folks with this body type would include jumping jacks to get your heart pounding and blood pumping. Try doing three sets of 10 push ups. This will add tone and definition to your arms and pecs. Other examples of good exercises would include brisk walking with no incline.

2 Cone or apple body
Opposite of the spoon body type is the cone or apple body type. You have slender legs and broad shoulders. For you ideal workouts would include spinning around for thirty to forty minutes. Try doing lunges and squats with weights. If you are able to do three sets of 10 this will increase the strength in the lower half of your body. You can also try doing light reps with light weights that are around 4 lbs. This will give your back, arms, and shoulders more muscle definition but won’t make them bigger. Other great work outs would include jumping rope or even using a stationary bike.

3 Ruler or Athletic Body Build
This body type has everything in the right spots with the exception you might have a bit of a small belly. You might have some boyish features but overall your body is the ideal body type that most want to aim for being like. For you suggested exercises would include long distance running for 30 minutes. This will keep your frame lean and fit. Try doing four sets of sit ups. It would be ideal to do four sets of 20. This will increase the strength in your abs. Other excellent workouts would include jumping rope using weight ropes, stationery bikes and stepping machines.

4 The Hourglass
Hourglass body types have well-proportioned chest and hips and a narrow waist. Try jumping rope and doing a rotation of 50 and eventually work your way up to 300. Another excellent exercise for your body type is using a stationary bike with very little resistance for 30 minutes. Other typical work outs for this body type include fast walking with no incline and riding a stationary bike with low resistance. You can also try long distance swimming snowboarding and dancing for half an hour.


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