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5 Reasons why you can not lose weight, and what to do about It

5 Reasons why you can not lose weight, and what to do about It

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by October 26, 2017 HEALTH

Summer is like a few blocks away from us and I’m quite sure everyone loves summer especially if you get to wear your favorite summer outfits or bathing suits and plunge into the beach. But due to delicious cravings you’ve been feeding in the past months, your curve went out of shape and you are just too hopeless that you wouldn’t get to hang out with your BFF’s because of your body insecurity. Honestly speaking, we all want to achieve that Miss Universe kind of body.

That kind of feeling whenever you buy a new outfit and you will just fit into a small or medium one, that feeling of confidence that you get to show your body’s curve to the people who matters the most to you. It’s easy to get fat but it’s hard to lose weight especially if you are just lazy enough to try to work out and balance your food intake. Well anyway, you are here for a reason and whatever the reason is the fact still remains that you want to lose weight so badly and bring back the old you.

But before you try to run a thousand miles, keep in mind the reasons why it’s hard to get rid of that fats and not only the ways you can get rid of them. So here are the 5 reasons why you can’t lose weight and my personal tips on what you can do to change that habit of yours.

1 You are lazy
Everyone who’s in favor of me with this reason, please raise your right hand. Okay, first and foremost, you can’t lose weight because you are lazy. You are sluggish enough to wake up early and jog, you are idle enough to cook your own food, and instead you just buy at some fast food chain. In other words, your mind wants to get rid of that excess fats but your body don’t want the same. Try to make a schedule, sort of a list on what will be your daily activities from the moment you wake up until the moment of your sweet good night. It can get hard at first but when you get used to it, everything you will do is just easy and spontaneous.

2 Eating is your hobby
I remember reading a quote that says “Don’t consider eating as a hobby”. I am one of those who truly eats whatever I want to and it doesn’t matter if I’m still full, as long as my mouth and my stomach is craving something, I will do whatever it takes to satisfy that cravings of mine. But this shouldn’t be the case. We must eat moderately and we must consider how many calories our body takes in. So here is my tip for you, keep yourself busy, do whatever you feel like doing but exclude eating. Eat only breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a little snack but other time than that, just keep being busy. This will help you forget that you actually want to eat.

3 You don’t exercise
This is something that most of us want to do but at some point, we just can’t. So we all know that exercising helps our body get rid of unwanted fats and sweat thus making our body thinner. But exercising is like cooking something you don’t know, it’s hard. You won’t get skinny in just one hour of exercise, it must be done continuously like maybe 1-2 months, daily. But exercise won’t just help to eliminate your body fats but actually it’s also good for your body especially if you are getting old already. So I suggest that you should try to exercise slowly. Try a couple of ab workout like 5-10 sit-ups and then maybe run for like 20 mins. The slow progress you actually make will then familiarize your body to do some serious workouts. Don’t hurry up your body’s ability to exercise, try the simple ones and once it gets used to it, you can slowly move to the hard ones.

4 Eating junk food is your partner in crime
Chips and soda once combined and placed in front of anyone, will surely finish that stuff for like 5 minutes. Honestly speaking these two are like heaven sent. It is just so tasty and refreshing. But we all know that they are unhealthy and they are not good for our body thus contributing to the factor of weight gain and not weight loss. I firmly recommend that you stop eating chips and other salty food and also any carbonated drinks. They are delicious yes, but the amount of calories they add in to your body is like super huge so say no to them. Get rid of them forever and just 2-3 weeks, you might see a great change with your weight or your body’s physical appearance.

5 Stress
If you are under a great amount of stress, your body can’t function well so does your mind. For you to be relaxed, you tend to eat and eat and eat. Well it’s really stressful nowadays and food is like the number one thing that will make you happy and will help you regain your energy but the negative thing is that we most likely eat a lot, beyond our normal calories intake. If you are really stressed out, try to sleep and do yoga or go to a spa. This will help you to manage your stress without gaining any weight at all. Remember that food is not a stress reliever, it’s actually stress comforter but with negative effects when used with great amount.

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