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O’Reilly Accuser Releases “Victory Statement”, Accidentally Admits Shocking Truth

O’Reilly Accuser Releases “Victory Statement”, Accidentally Admits Shocking Truth

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by April 23, 2017 CULTURE

Conservatives continue to fall at the hand of the Left’s dirty tricks. We have a sense of integrity, and refuse to sink to the level of liberals, which, unfortunately, allows us to be targeted.

Lisa Bloom, the lawyer who represented three women accusing Bill O’Reilly of sexual misconduct, released a victory statement yesterday confirming that the allegations were part of a plot to remove Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly is the latest conservative to meet the chopping block. Milo Yiannopoulos and Tomi Lahren were the first to fall to the faux outrage machine that is the bread and butter of left wing culture.

Why target O’Reilly? Tomi and Milo both enjoyed significant online support, but Bill O’Reilly was the king of conservative television. The most recent Nielsen ratings revealed that, in the first quarter of 2017, Fox News vastly outperformed every other news channel. Fox News more than doubled the daily viewers of second most watched channel, CNN.

Much of the success of Fox News was aided by O’Reilly. “The O’Reilly Factor” celebrated their most watched quarter in 2017, breaking all previous records in the history of cable news.

O’Reilly has helped to create a cultural shift. Conservative values are now considered rebellious and cool.

Liberals are scrambling to regain control of the narrative, and doing so means taking down the big players from our side. Liberals have already taken control of Hollywood and the educational system, causing a surge in demand for an escape from all the group-think. Yet, instead of adjusting to consumer demand, the liberal elite are attempting to silence conservative voices.

Even O’Reilly believes that a “left wing plot” was behind his ousting. Media Matters, a self-proclaimed progressive research center, spearheaded the campaign against O’Reilly and contacted advertisers, asking them to pull out. Media Matters is led by David Brock, and is behind ShareBlue, Correct the Record, and other left-wing propaganda networks. Media Matters orchestrated a massive astroturfing campaign during last year’s election to give the appearance that Hillary Clinton had grassroots support.

Lisa Bloom had no intention of taking Bill O’Reilly to court. She was hired to oust O’Reilly, not to win damages for her clients. The accusations against O’Reilly were so weak that they wouldn’t survive scrutiny in a court of law, but they were enough to drive a campaign against the widely popular host. Proving that the intent was to oust O’Reilly, Bloom released a victory statement celebrating his departure, and revealed the true motive of the campaign.

Wendy Walsh, the public face of the accusers, was pictured celebrating with Maxine Waters and Gloria Allred (the women behind the sexual misconduct accusations against Trump). The picture made Walsh’s political leanings apparent, however it also revealed how the left was able to convince and obscure psychologists into targeting O’Reilly. Walsh’s profile has raised immensely as a result of the accusations, and was rewarded with a chance to schmooze with liberal “celebrities.”

The left has already started to target Tucker Carlson, who is scheduled to fill O’Reilly’s spot. Leftist rags are calling Carlson a sexist in the hope that he will be the next on the chopping block, as is obvious in one Huffington Post hit job.

We cannot allow the left to succeed in their baseless attacks. We need to stand up against their dirty tricks and fight them on the same playing field. Tucker Carlson needs our support along with anyone who is willing to take the risk and speak out against left wing lunacy. Liberals will continue to target us as long as we continue to let them.

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