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Liberals WORST NIGHTMARE Come True – LOOK What They Discovered on Bannon’s Whiteboard

Liberals WORST NIGHTMARE Come True – LOOK What They Discovered on Bannon’s Whiteboard

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by May 4, 2017 CULTURE

Steve Bannon has been photographed in his office more than a couple times before yesterday – but the whiteboard present in the background gives some insight into the goals he and the Trump administration have.

After moving into the White House, Bannon removed the massive bookshelves and sofa from his office to instead make room for a number of giant whiteboards list the administration’s goals, and tracking their success.

Below are the photographs in question, which we have thanks to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

And a closeup:

Liberals WORST NIGHTMARE Come True – LOOK What They Discovered on Bannon’s Whiteboard - Hot news (2)

Goals are listed, with a checkmark next to them indicating the campaign promise had been fulfilled.

As CNN notes, The most-noticed pledge is the one that reads: Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico…

So obviously, the administration still has designs on somehow making Mexico pay for the border wall it wants to build even as it sets about trying (in vain so far) to get Congress to pay for it first.

There are check marks next to these items:

-Suspend the Syrian refugee program (That suspension, issued as part of an executive action, has been stymied by the courts, however).
-End “catch-and-release” (Yep, the Department of Justice is hard at work stepping up deportations and prosecutions)
-Hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents and Triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (That’s in the works, but has encountered some hurdles, as CNNMoney has reported)
-Restore the Secure Communities program. Achieved as part of an initial raft of executive orders, this is aimed at making local law enforcement share biometric data with the feds.

From what we’ve seen, Bannon’s whiteboard doesn’t include anything that President Donald Trump hasn’t promised on the campaign trail, or otherwise discussed publicly. Among the other pledges are to “Repeal and replace Obamacare,” then on tax reform, to create a 10 percent repatriation tax, lower the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, eliminate the estate tax, and eliminate the carried interest loophole.

As the Congress continues failing to deliver on Trump’s campaign promises (such as an Obamacare repeal), and Paul Ryan continues to betray us with trillion dollar omnibus bills despite the Republican majority in Congress, it’s at least nice to know that there’s someone in the administration actually concerned with furthering Trump’s campaign promises.

As expected, there’s some speculation as to whether or not allowing himself to be photographed in front of his whiteboard was a calculated move by Bannon, and if it was, it should come as a reminder to the Congress what they were elected to do.

They’ve been waiting eight years first for a majority, then for a Republican president. What the heck are they waiting for now?

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