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Liberal Student Tries To Embarrass Trey Gowdy, Gets Taken To School

Liberal Student Tries To Embarrass Trey Gowdy, Gets Taken To School

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by May 2, 2017 CULTURE

A liberal student accused Trey Gowdy of being a hypocrite and got shot down. The high school senior claimed he did not respect our right to privacy, so Gowdy replied, “Not a single one of those rights is much use to you if you are dead.”

Gowdy offered a simple answer to a complicated question, so even the liberals could understand.

Specifically, the student asked Representative Gowdy why he co-sponsored the USA Freedom Act, which extended a majority of the USA PATRIOT Act.

The USA PATRIOT Act authorized our intelligence communities to collect bulk data, including some data of U.S. citizens, in order to monitor and stop terrorist activity.

The bulk collection of metadata is considered by some to be a violation of our right to privacy, since a warrant is not required to monitor derivative data.

So, this liberal student accused Gowdy of violating our right to privacy by continuing to allow our intelligence agency to monitor foreign and domestic communications.

The student raised a problem that Gowdy has clearly grappled with, but he offered his logic in simple terms to help the liberal understand. Gowdy explained that the right to security is protected, just as the right to privacy is. Thus, we need to balance between the two constitutionally protected rights.

For Gowdy, national security clearly comes first. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Life is required for you to enjoy most of your other freedoms,” he said to a round of applause.

When balancing between rights, it is always better to swing towards security.

We live in a very dangerous world, and our rights do not amount to much if we are dead. Thank goodness President Trump is working to make America SAFE again!

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