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Journey Guitarist Melts Down After What Bandmates Did in White House

Journey Guitarist Melts Down After What Bandmates Did in White House

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by August 9, 2017 CULTURE

Journey guitarist and co-founder Neal Schon has a beef with his bandmates, and it all started with a visit to the White House.

It was a visit Schon was not involved with, and a visit the claimed is being presented by the media as one made by the band Journey.

Schon was reportedly upset because three members of the band visited the White House, and they did so without letting him know.

Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain, bassist Ross Valory, and frontman Arnel Pineda were seen at the White House Thursday.

Schon has indicated that the issue he has with his bandmates is not over Trump, but the fact that that they decided to involve the band in politics, something he said the band agreed to never do.

“Journey should never be used and exploited by anyone, especially band members for politics or any one religion,” Schon posted to Facebook.

“I’ve been here since 1972 and this has always been our belief. This was with intent to exploit the brand and use the name … I had no prior knowledge of this from anyone. Not band members or Managment. This clearly shows no respect or Unity, just Divide,” Schon added.

In a post to Twitter, the guitarist said there were many people trying to spin the story and make it about Trump. “It’s NOT. It’s about Betrayal of members. Not notifying the founder is not kosher,” he said.

Schon also indicated on Twitter that there was much more to the story that many, including the media, did not know about.

It looks like the whole thing is getting blown out of proportion on social media. Schon might have a reason to be upset with how the media portrayed the visit to the White House, but rather than take the matter to social media, maybe he should just talk with his bandmates and sort it out.

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