Trump Calls Obama’s Russian Uranium Deal ‘Watergate Modern Age’

President Donald Trump, who for days has been urging the media to focus upon a 2012 uranium deal in which the Obama administration allowed a Russian company to control part of America’s uranium supply, has elevated his estimation of the deal into a comparison with America’s biggest political scandal.

Speaking to reporters outside the White House on Wednesday, Trump likened the uranium deal to the Watergate scandal that occurred during former President Richard Nixon’s administration.

“I think the uranium sale to Russia and the way it was done, so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed, I actually think that’s Watergate modern age,” Trump said.

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said there may be a need for a special counsel.


Trump, who on Twitter demanded the media and Congress investigate the deal, has been supported by some conservative media figures in his efforts.

“The evidence is now overwhelming, it’s incontrovertible: The Clintons sold out our national security to the Russians, and the Obama administration did nothing to stop them and then they covered it up,” Fox News host Sean Hannity said earlier this week. “Democrats and the media … have been lying to you for over a year about what is really going on.”

In 2010, the Obama administration approved a deal that allowed the giant Russian firm of Uranium One to buy a Canadian company that controlled part of America’s uranium supply.

Recent revelations have shown that former President Bill Clinton wanted to meet with Uranium One officials during a 2010 trip to Moscow to collect a $500,000 speaking fee. But that was not all, as Hannity recently revealed.

The Fox News host said it was no coincidence that “Russian nuclear officials were giving $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Were they simply feeling philanthropic?”

Hannity had the answer.

“Putin wanted a piece of our uranium supply, our government knew he was illegally (trying) to get it, a former president met with him and pocketed a suspicious speaking fee and, what did our government do?” Hannity asked. “The Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton and then-Attorney General Eric Holder let it happen. In 2010, the Uranium One deal was approved.”

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