Stephen King Bans Trump From His Movies, Instantly Gets Surprise Ban He Didn’t Expect

Like many of his fellow liberal “celebrities,” horror author Stephen King has been a staunch and outspoken critic of President Donald Trump since the early days of the Republican primary ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

According to Fox News, King has routinely tweeted critical and harassing messages toward Trump over the past couple of years. Surprisingly, Trump has refrained from responding in his typical manner — hit back twice as hard — and merely blocked King from following his personal Twitter account back in June.

Now several months later, King has inexplicably retaliated against Trump’s Twitter block by issuing a “block” of his own against the president, one that seems rather difficult, if not utterly impossible, to enforce.

King tweeted, “Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter. I am hereby blocking him from seeing IT or MR. MERCEDES. No clowns for you, Donald. Go float yourself.”

The author was referring to the film adaptation of “It” and a new TV series called “Mr. Mercedes,” both of which are based off of novels written by King.

However, while fellow Trump-haters piled on King’s tweet to bash the president and congratulate King on his genius move — seriously, how is King supposed to block a grown adult, much less the president, from seeing a movie — more than a few let King known how moronic his idea really was, according to Independent Journal Review.

These probably weren’t the type of responses King expected to receive when he virtue-signaled his intense dislike for the president by “blocking” him from seeing his new movie about a demon that takes the form of a clown that terrorizes innocent children.

Stephen King, foolish as he may be, absolutely has the right to request that Trump not see his movie, but everyone else also shares the right to let King know that they won’t be seeing his movie either.

Which one of those two outcomes do you think is more likely to cause harm: Trump not being able to see a movie he may not even know exists, or volumes of consumers choosing to keep their money in their pockets and not share it with a hate-filled author that is routinely disrespectful to our nation’s leader?

Image and Content: Conservative Tribune


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