Journalist Thinks Nancy Pelosi Represents All Women and Tucker Carlson Can’t Stop Laughing By Ellysa Chenery

Cathy Areu, a journalist, author and the founding publisher of Catalina magazine, was brutally honest during her Monday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight, admitting that she thinks House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi represents “all women.”

“Do you really think that Nancy Pelosi represents all women,” Carlson asked.

“Well, absolutely, she’s not bought and paid for by anyone,” Areu responded, as Carlson burst into laughter. She continued, “That means that she’s there for her own passion

“Your faith is childlike and therefore impressive,” Carslon said before ending the segment, as he continued chuckling.

During the interview, Carlson said he does not think Pelosi will be elected speaker of the House if the Democrats win back a majority of the lower chamber of Congress in 2018. But Areu argued that Pelosi’s “different perspective” as a woman was too important to lose.

Carlson had been trying to figure out “Why (Nancy Pelosi’s) gender is central to her job.”

Areu, though, said losing a woman in Democrat leadership would put America “back 50 years.”

She also noted that “men happen to be afraid of women in power, that’s just a fact.”

Carlson found that quote outrageous enough to post to Twitter.

In response, many users revealed that they just don’t agree with Areu.

At one point in the segment, Carlson also questioned Areu about how her views on a woman’s perspective align with her views on changing one’s gender.

“Pulling the woman card is a little bit weird to me since we live in a moment where we are told as a matter of official orthodoxy, my kids learned this in school, that you can change your gender just by saying so,” Carslon said.

“So, in a world where you can change your gender just by saying so — why is it important to be a specific gender?” he asked. “It’s meaningless if you can change it just by saying so.”

Arue responded, “Right, so then we should have a woman and all those other genders at the table.”

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