FBI Will Turn Over Anti-Trump Dossier Documents to Congress by Next Week

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that documents pertaining to the infamous Trump-Russia dossier will be given by the FBI to the House Intelligence Committee sometime next week.

“The FBI got in touch with us yesterday afternoon. They have informed us that they will comply with our document requests and they will provide the documents that Congress has been asking for by next week,” Ryan told reporters on Capitol Hill.

He added that Congress expected “the FBI to honor that commitment.”

Over the past several weeks, the House Intelligence Committee has repeatedly asked the FBI for permission to view the documents.

The dossier, put together by former British spy Christopher Steele, has been a major point of contention for Democrats and Republicans in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.

The Washington Post revealed Tuesday that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Convention had financed research that eventually led Steele collecting material against then-Republican nominee Donald Trump.

However, concerns were raised when it was suggested the FBI used the dossier as a basis to conduct an investigative probe into Trump’s connections with Russia.

The FBI reportedly used Steele’s documents as justification to apply for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

If those reports are true, it could raise questions about the mishandling of opposition research for political purposes.

The Post’s report also detailed how the FBI continued to pay Steele after Trump was elected. However, they stopped paying him when his identity became public knowledge.

When the report originally made its rounds to various nmedia outlets, most rejected its authenticity because it was unverified. Only BuzzFeed News went ahead and published them.

Meanwhile, sources close to Clinton have said she didn’t know about the existence of the dossier until is was published by BuzzFeed.

But the former Democratic nominee was reportedly upset the documents were not shared with the public until the final days of the presidential election, according to The Hill.

Trump recently questioned whether the Democrats, FBI or Russia had funded the research.

“Workers of firm involved with the discredited and Fake Dossier take the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?” Trump tweeted last week.

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