National Hurricane Center: 50% Chance of New Tropical Storm by Weekend

A wild 2017 hurricane season could see one more tropical storm emerge, forecasters said Wednesday.

What is currently an area of storm spinning around in the Caribbean has a 50 percent chance of becoming Tropical Storm Philippe by the weekend, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday.

The current forecast expects that the nasty weather will move across the Caribbean Friday and hit Florida Saturday, AccuWeather meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said.

“In another day or two, it’s going to move, and we think there may be a 48-hour window or so when it could develop a little,” explained David Zelinsky, a specialist at the National Hurricane Center. “It will move north and then east as the front approaches.

“What is less clear is exactly what form it will be when it does that,” he added.

Whether or not the storm’s winds reach the 39 mph threshold to be declared a tropical storm, it will give parts of Florida a soaking, one forecaster said.

“There’s a pretty high confidence at this point that we’re going to see a lot of rain,” said Andrew Hagen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Miami. “The heaviest rains will be further south, but I think 2 to 4 inches across Florida is possible.”

Although some forecasts say the storm can grow into Tropical Storm Philippe, at this point there are no forecasts that it would then morph into a hurricane.

Although hurricane season officially ends Nov. 30, November hurricanes have been forming at the rate of one every three years.

Current predictions say the storm will move up the East Coast after dumping rain on Florida. Regardless of what it does, other weather factors are gearing up to bring a dose of rain to the Northeast.

Some weather models estimate that several inches of rain and winds that gust near tropical storm levels will hit parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast over the weekend.

Once that passes, a major cold front sweeping across the country will hit the East Coast, dropping temperatures to well below normal.

If it becomes a named storm, it would be the 16th named storm of the year.

An average year has 12 storms.

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