Breaking: Highest Possible Warning Issued Over ‘Rare’ Category 3 Hurricane Ophelia

A Category 3 hurricane is stalking across the Atlantic Ocean. But for once in this long, brutal hurricane season, neither the Gulf Coast nor the East Coast is bracing for impact.

As it moves north and east from the Azores, Hurricane Ophelia has set the record for the most eastern major hurricane in the Atlantic as closes in on an initial landfall in Ireland before also hitting northwestern England and Scotland.

Ireland’s weather service issued the highest possible “status red” warning for the western counties of Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerry, according to CBS News.

On Monday, Ophelia could bring with it winds reaching 50 mph and gusts of more than 80 mph. The high winds have the potential to cause structural damage, high seas and flooding.

Britain’s Meteorological Office warned of high winds Monday in Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England.

The high winds are feared to bring blackouts, property damage and travel disruptions, particularly to ferries.

“We’re planning for the worst,” said Royal Auto Club spokesman Simon Williams. “It looks like ‘Mayhem Monday.’ With very strong gusts forecast, motorists should expect trees and debris on roads and wind buffeting vehicles. Take extra care.”

“Ophelia is a quite intense and rare hurricane for its location in the northeastern Atlantic,” the National Hurricane Center reported Saturday.

“Although some weakening is anticipated, Ophelia is expected to reach the British Isles as a powerful extratropical cyclone with hurricane force winds, it said.

The current forecast calls for the storm to lose some of its punch as it moves into cooler waters, it and should make landfall as a tropical storm.

Some of the the highest wind gusts to hit Britain in any storm came from the Great Storm of 1987, which had 115 mph winds. Hurricane Lili struck Britain in 1996 with wind gusts of 92 mph, The U.K. Mirror reported.

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